Suzan Mmola

Printer Technician

My journey with NuEra began in 2008, as a Cleaner. The Company has recognised my potential, offered me the chance to train & become a Technician, which I now am. I am also responsible for handling our customers’ queries & assisting them with their orders to ensure they get the best service & value for the products we render.  I am a humble & assertive person who likes working with people & contributing to help them achieve their goals, since it is the best gift of life that we can give to anyone.

Working with our clients, together with the knowledge I gain every day through learning about our own Company goals & being an active participant in those motivates me. The value for money that we give our clients; seeing them coming regularly to our company and recommending our services, gives me job satisfaction.

Our unity and passion that we have as a collective at NuEra is what sets us apart from the rest. The Company values each of us & believes in our abilities & capabilities & we truly work as a team.