By booking your device in with NuEra, you accept our terms and conditions.

All assessments performed, including liquid damage assessments, will carry an assessment fee of R 299.00 Excl. Vat regardless if the repair attempt is successful or not. If the repair can be successfully performed, the assessment fee shall be waived. If the quote is rejected, the fee still stands.

When performing board level repairs, the client acknowledges that the board may fail or lose response due to the high risk, intricacy and sensitivity of board-level repairs. NuEra is not responsible for any component or board failure that occurs as a result of an attempted board level repair.

Devices are booked in at client’s own risk. NuEra cannot be held liable for any data loss or damage sustained during hardware or software repairs. Kindly ensure that your device has been backed up before booking it in for repairs, during a repair your device may require a restoration which may cause possible data loss.

Parts replaced by NuEra have a 3-month warranty, excluding any damage caused by negligence e.g physical damage, liquid damaged and services. Battery replacements & board level repairs have a 3-month warranty. Kindly take note that warranty provided to the first owner upon repair cannot be transferred to future owners. We are not an authorised Apple or Huawei service provider

On liquid damaged devices only parts replaced as per NuEra invoice are guaranteed for 3 months

NuEra will only install and or support legal software. Any third party software installation must be accompanied by valid registration keys.

Should NuEra open your device you will lose the remainder of your Brand Holder Guarantee/Warranty. You will, however, receive the relevant NuEra warranty in its place

NuEra only uses original parts where possible and available.. Where not available a suitable OEM part will be used in its place. This does not affect the Nuera warranty and all parts are covered under the warranty as per clause 5.

Devices not collected within 90 days of notification may be sold to recoup repair costs

Depending on the nature of the repair a turn-a-round time of between 2-14 working days will apply to all repairs unless otherwise agreed upon. If additional parts or spares are needed for the repair the repair process could take up to 21 working days to complete.

Incomplete details on the repairs book-in form could result in the repair being delayed for which NuEra will not be held liable for.

When we repair Apple devices, the IP Rating (Ingress Protection Rating) will be lost, in other words your device will no longer have a water and dust resistance rating.

If you are bringing in an apple device please ensure that the device is removed from the ‘find my phone’ app as this delays the repair process. If you are unsure of the deactivation process please ask your consultant to assist and to supply you with the process details. We can be reached at 011 704 7009

The following is covered within the Warranty period. (Please refer to your Invoice to determine your warranty period).Please note this is provided there is no physical damage to any of the below:

Software: Related to manufacturing fault.

Audio malfunctions: Reworking/replacement of any audio part or component (i.e.: speakers, mic, buzzer, IC, Diaphragms, gaskets, flex etc.).

Keypad malfunctions Reworking/replacement of keypad functionality related components or parts (i.e.: filter, dome-sheets, connectors, flex etc.).

Charging malfunctions: Rewiring/replacement of any part or component of the charging unit (i.e.: diodes, IC, DC jack, pins etc.).

LCD malfunctions: Reworking/replacement of unbroken LCD and related components and parts (i.e.: filters, connectors etc.).

Camera malfunctions: Reworking/replacement of camera or related components (i.e.: flash lights, IC, connectors, flex etc.).

Power on/off malfunctions: Reworking/replacement of any power related parts or components (i.e.: tact switches, battery contacts, LCD filters, PA, CPU, flash etc.).

Volume control malfunctions: Reworking/replacement of any volume control parts or components (i.e.: volume buttons, tact switches, flex, conductors etc.).

The following is not covered by the warranty:

Liquid damage.

Power surge (due to a power cut and the power coming back on).

Black Listing.

Security code.

Factory reset done by client (As there is a chance this could be done incorrectly).

Any damage as a result of previous repair before an authorized repair centre was appointed.

Physical damaged accessories.

Wear and tear.