Connor Morrice

Sales Executive - Printer Division

I am a Sales Executive here at NuEra.  I focus on the selling of spare printer parts. However my job doesn’t just stop at sales, it is to ensure that the customer is happy at every stage of the product life cycle, from sale to use. My job is to ensure a professional and efficient service experience at NuEra.  I am a self-driven, ambitious & innovative individual.  My mission at NuEra is to continue the legacy left behind by my Dad, and in doing so to help take the company to new heights with the rest of the team. Inspired and driven by my Father and founder of NuEra, the company holds a special place in my heart. I wish to continue the core values that NuEra has provided since its inception, whilst ensuring that we supply a service and product superior to our competitors, we will, as always, strive to push the boundaries of the industry. My Job satisfaction comes from the satisfaction of others. Knowing that I have provided a client with excellent service & ensuring that they return for more. Making others happy makes me happy. NuEra sets itself apart from other companies for several reasons; The honesty, accountability, responsibility and integrity that NuEra practices are rare qualities. We provide, create and maintain relationships of great service with all of our customers and will go to any end to ensure our customers’ demands are reached.