Karen Morrice

Business Owner

I stepped out of an 18 year retirement and into NuEra after my Husband’s passing in June 2018.  Prior to raising our boys, I was from a Sales background and working with people has always been something that has come naturally to me & that I have enjoyed. My relationship with NuEra is obviously an intensely personal one. To continue to watch Douglas’s legacy flourish, and to work alongside what feels like our second family here was something I never questioned, despite having no experience in the industry. No business is one person, and despite the huge void left by Douglas I instinctively knew that with the support & input of the team he had created & which I have continued to build, that although it wouldn’t be easy, we would be able to weather challenges we would inevitably face. It has been a rocky road for sure, but the nucleus of our company has always been the customer, it’s the very heartbeat of NuEra, and although faces may have changed, this never has. All at NuEra share this vision & it motivates me every single day. Douglas left big shoes to fill, but I find it a privilege and an honour to follow in his footsteps.